VIDEO: Barca Star Coutinho Left Unimpressed by Viral ‘Salah Mane Mane!’ Liverpool Fan Song

Remember that Mohamed Salah song that did the rounds after Liverpool sold Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona a few months ago?

Of course you do. It’s seared into your brain like it is in ours. Whether you like it – why would you? – or hate it with a passion, there’s no denying it’s ridiculously catchy and gets stuck in your head for days on end.

But what does Coutinho himself make of that song? After all, it throws some shade in his direction for leaving Anfield for the Nou Camp. Well, now we have the answer courtesy of the below video:

It’s safe to say he doesn’t like it. His immediate reaction to the video is pretty funny to be fair to Coutinho, but we imagine he’s already seen and heard it countless times over and is just as sick of the tune as most football fans are.

Two people who don’t seem to mind it, however, are German football journalist Christian Falk and Liverpool star himself Sadio Mane.

Falk sat down to chat with the Senegalese forward recently and couldn’t help but convince Mane to join him in a rendition of the song:

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